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    Can't Deny It.

    I'm the worst at updating my teeny tiny space on the internet, aka, this blog. My last entry was in May and heavens, that was a LONG time ago, 7 months to be exact, but who's counting?

    I've been working on a new portfolio and blog site that I am determined to get up and running soon! This past year has been challenging, but also liberating. I've had the opportunity to meet people in the industry I've admired for years, work and shoot for new creatives and companies, and of course, shoot my fair share of weddings here in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

    I can't wait to share this all with you, but for now, I'll just have to remain being "the worst" at updating.

    Until then,

    Thanks for hanging in there, hope you have a wonderful week ahead.





    Sneak Peek: Kyle & Ryan

    Just wanted to share a little peek of a wedding I've been working on took place in San Luis Opispo. I had never been there and it was so gorgeous! It felt so nice to get away from Los Angeles for a bit and soak up the wide open space and fresh air. Enjoy the long weekend everyone, it holds special meaning to me since I was married on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Spend time with loved ones and relax!


    Darling Magazine, Issue 3

    I recently had the opportunity to shoot for Darling Magazine. My photos accompanied an article written by Amber Davies about fostering the community around you. This idea has been especially pertinent in my life this past year as I was more involved with my community group from church. It's tough (terrifying, actually) to allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of others and with others, but I'm learning how rich the experience can be. Special thanks to the talented and delightful Ruthi Auda, for art directing and having me shoot. *Cover photo by Nicole Hill.


    Engagement Session ::: Aaron & Janell

    These two get married next month and I can't wait! For their engagement session we went up into the mountains and were surrounded by giant trees, quiet spaces and a breathtaking view of the island with the shared company of low clouds. Aaron and Janell have been together for years, but their excitement for one another was so sweet to observe. I'm looking forward to being a part of their big day, surrounded by family and celebration!


    Portraits at Griffith, my favorite place 

    If you asked my husband what my favorite place in LA would be, he'd immediately say Griffith Park. We live about 2 minutes from the park and I tend to go there when I'm feeling a little down and want to catch my breath for a second. Something about it moves me, there's a little magic floating around in that air.

    Eva is a fellow designer and friend from my undergrad. Her work is fun and full of whimsy and her blog is filled with consistently great imagery. She and her husband modeled for me a while back and in turn I gave them a portrait session. We weren't sure where to shoot, but it had been a while since I visited some beloved spots of mine at Griffith Park and it felt like it'd be the perfect setting close to sundown. Please enjoy and visit this park of mine soon, it'll do good for your soul.


    Trials & Triumphs: A Year of Growing Pains

    All throughout elementary school, I was the tallest girl in my class. I remember lying in bed wondering why my legs were hurting. My mom told me they were growing pains. Once the 6th grade hit my classmates experienced their own growth spurts, surpassing me for the most part. To this day I remain at the same height that I was in 7th grade, a very intimidating 5' 2".

    2012 has been a "growing pains" kind of year. I've experienced heartbreak, doubt and regret. I've also experienced an abundance of grace, reminders of hope and a place in a community.

    I don't believe in New Year's resolutions but this year I do hope for certain things - to have courage and perseverance to work towards my dreams, to continue to seek truth and spend time with the people and things I value. Above all I hope to love others, especially my sweet husband who has been an example of selflessness to me in all the little and incomprehsible ways. Thank you David, for choosing to spend not just this year, but your life with me.

    Happy New Year everyone, may you be blessed with hope, grace and love. Thank you to all of my clients for being part of my dream, wishing you a wonderful year ahead.



    Just Some Words

    You know that moment when you come to the realization that something's different and it won't ever be the same again? Is there a word for that? Perhaps there's not because it's such a full feeling that can't be explained with something so simple as a single word. A word would be too easy, almost a cop-out from the vulnerability and bravery it takes to face the fear of change and all that it brings.

    I was never really one to be scared of change or committment and now that I'm confronted head on with these emotions I feel like I'm in new territory that I haven't a map to. I know this is all vague and the point isn't ambiguity, but to share that sometimes we all need a little pocket of space to catch our breath, validate our feelings (if we're lucky enough to identify them), and count on our friends and loved ones to guide us as we take steps to move on in this newfound land.