Trials & Triumphs: A Year of Growing Pains

All throughout elementary school, I was the tallest girl in my class. I remember lying in bed wondering why my legs were hurting. My mom told me they were growing pains. Once the 6th grade hit my classmates experienced their own growth spurts, surpassing me for the most part. To this day I remain at the same height that I was in 7th grade, a very intimidating 5' 2".

2012 has been a "growing pains" kind of year. I've experienced heartbreak, doubt and regret. I've also experienced an abundance of grace, reminders of hope and a place in a community.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions but this year I do hope for certain things - to have courage and perseverance to work towards my dreams, to continue to seek truth and spend time with the people and things I value. Above all I hope to love others, especially my sweet husband who has been an example of selflessness to me in all the little and incomprehsible ways. Thank you David, for choosing to spend not just this year, but your life with me.

Happy New Year everyone, may you be blessed with hope, grace and love. Thank you to all of my clients for being part of my dream, wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


Pineapple Fields Forever

A few of my favorite shots from a shoot we did months ago on the North Shore of Oahu. We didn't have time to do a day after session, so we opted for a "day after session" a few months later the next time I was in town. Don't these make you want to skip work and book the next plane to Honolulu? It sure does for me. It's true what they say, the older you become the more you appreciate where you came from. It's obvious my love for Hawaii grows each year, isn't it?

Thank you to Chris and Mel for traipsing through the red dirt with me, I had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to being in Hawaii at the end of the month to shoot Chris' brother's wedding at the same location I was married at! I think it's safe to say it will be an emotional day for me :)

If you'd like to see more photos, this session was featured on Style Me Pretty a couple months ago, enjoy!

Engagement Session ::: Jesse & Ed

Jesse & Ed - - - they're stunning right?!? I gave them the least amount of direction I've ever given couples and they were so great! Jesse is also a photographer so she knows how it is. ;) We traipsed around the LA river, went to a park in Pasadena and spent time admiring bridges. Perfect shoot, perfect hair, perfect outfits.... They were so natural with one another, it really made my job easy. So excited to see the magic that their wedding will be! If only a labradoodle would stop by again, he made our day!

Portraits ::: Tara

Tara is one of my nearest and dearest here in LA. We met the summer David and I started dating and we get togther almost every week to hang out, make crafts or cocktails (or both), watch movies and SHOP. She and her husband, another David, have become great friends these past couple of years. Tara does background work and has been on many tv shows, commercials, and movie sets - - I love spotting her in How I Met Your Mother, specifically the "Woo Girls" episode :) We did some portraits a while back for her portfolio and had a lot of fun traipsing around Silver Lake. Love to you my friend :)

Santa Monica Engagement ::: Tanya + Morten

It's been a pleasure working with Tanya and Morten thus far and I'm so excited for their wedding in just a few short months - it is going to be amazing -  I cannot wait to see how everything comes together. It's been a great experience from the beginning, meeting up at the Alcove for brunch (two of my favorite things) to talk about photos (three of my favorite things), although much of our conversation revolved around our food obsession and my upcoming trip to Austin, where Morten is from and different places to check out in LA.

For their engagement session we went to the Santa Monica Pier, ate some cotton candy, explored under the pier and rode the ferris wheel. I loved watching them interact together through the camera. It's easy to tell how in love they are and how their playfulness "plays" a big role in their relationship. I'm not sure how to explain it exactly, but they felt almost effortless with one another, comfortable. It was a pleasure to be a part of. Much love to you both, can't wait for the big day! 

And the Holidays are officially over

David and I just got back from an 8-day trip to Hawaii. I shot a wedding there for a dear friend, did a couples session in North Shore and a family session in Ko Olina - - - I really loved shooting in Hawaii! I haven't done much work there so it was really nice to be able to do what I do here in LA, back home in Hawaii for a change. We got to spend quality with all of our ohana, but we are definitely tired! But, I'm really looking forward to going over new images and showing ya'll a bit of my Hawaii Nei. Hope you all have a good short week ahead! 

*Photo from the couples session in North Shore in the pineapple fields, I got about 25 mosquito bites trekking through the red dirt but it was worth it :)

Bethany & Mario ::: Engaged!

It's hard to come up with the right things to say about Bethany. She's not one of those people, who remind me of someone else. She is truly one-of-a kind. Her wit, her smile, her almost painfully tight bear hugs, her ability to be honest and caring at the same time - - - she loves to learn, loves to engage, loves to dig deep into the why of things. I was lucky to live with her for a year in Silver Lake as we embarked on this "being an adult" journey fresh out of undergrad. We discovered LA together, how people can sit on porches for hours, Trader Joes pre-made salads and how not having a washer and dryer unit really does lessen the quality of life. I know all these fragments don't quite sum up how much I admire and love Bethany - - - but she is quite frankly, a gem to this earth, and I'm so happy to celebrate this union in the month of May.

Gina & Charlton ::: Engagement Session

Gina emailed me a few months ago all the way from Texas! She grew up in Orange County but she and her fiance, Charlton, now live in Houston and are getting married in Newport. We decided to shoot in Laguna and visited the church they'll be getting married at in a few short months :) Gina has a grace about her in person that's so beautiful that I think translated quite nicely in the camera --- needless to say, I really loved shooting this couple. I loved their gentle interactions with each other and how they connected with ease. Becky Trejo from Eighty Eighty-Four came and shot along with me, so a couple of the shots below are from her (and she is awesome)! I think it's a nice idea for couples to meet the second shooter prior to the big day if it's possible, the more comfortable, the better. Can't wait for y'alls wedding!

Bethany & Tom ::: Wedding

It's Friday! It's been a busy week at work and I couldn't be more thrilled that it's Friday AND I'm headed to Comic Con in a few hours. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and geek out a little for Comic Con's sake ;)

I second shot a wedding for one of my closest friends, Jenna. We've been friends for years now and she actually coordinated my own wedding in May. Jenna recently started shooting weddings, this girl can do anything wedding-related. I HIGHLY recommend her for coordination help, not only will you have a well-planned event, but you will have a friend.

Here's a few of my favorite shots from Bethany and Tom's wedding, I hadn't met them prior to their wedding day, but boy was their love evident. Just by watching them you could tell that not only are they "gonna make it" but complimented and balanced each other in a beautiful way. I wish you two the best!

Oh baby ::: Jack and Veronica Maternity Session

Jack is one of my co-workers and he and his wife Veronica have become dear friends. They just had their first bundle of joy, Emmeline Grace, a couple weeks ago - - she decided to come a few weeks early! Jack and Veronica have been married for a while now and having a baby wasn't quite in the agenda due to Veronica's health, but God had an alternate, much better plan. Their unexpected baby girl put Veronica's illness in remission. She's been in the best health during her pregnancy than she has been in years! Veronica had a dream in which she called her daughter by the name 'Emmeline.' They looked up the name and it means 'unexpected." Isn't that amazing? We decided to take a walk in a park and an empty parking lot, sounds like fun, right? It was. Can't wait to take some photos of their gorgeous baby girl!

Nurse Emily ::: Senior Portraits

Meet Emily. 

She recently graduated from Biola University with a degree in Nursing!  Emily lived next door to me my senior year at Biola.  She wanted her senior pictures to be carefree, casual, and simple. So we decided on the beach. This was actually the first time I've shot on the beach in California. Coming from Hawaii, I've definitely been spoiled in regards to perfect beaches, so I haven't really gone to the beach too much - - - BUT, the weather was sunny, the company was pleasant, and the coffee break wasn't so bad ;) Thank you Emily for a great time and I wish you all the best on your new adventure in Florida!

Erin Hughes ::: Headshots

Erin is actually one of my good friends living here in Silver Lake.  She moved to LA from Port Angeles, WA (where Twilight takes place for all you fans out there) to pursue a career in acting, comedy and to experience life in big, bad LA.  She's extremely talented and started a comedy website called Danny Marathon. She's done work on TV shows Flash Forward, Modern Family, and many more. So, not only does Erin have talent as an actress (and is extremely beautiful), but she's also working for a non-profit helping young girls learn how to make music. Rad! She's also a pretty mean cupcake baker :)

Visit her online at:

To contact Erin Hughes email her!

Portrait Session ::: Jenna, my French pal

A month or so ago one of my dear friends, former RA, Editor-in-Chief, co-worker, and European travel partner, Jenna, asked me to do a portrait session of she and her cousin, Diana. These photos were to be given to her grandmother as a gift, since the last time the two of them had photos taken was pre-1999. Time for an update if you ask me!  :) Jenna, you've become one of my confidants in the past few months and I'm so glad we've become closer friends and I get to see you everyday at work, love you!  Enjoy!

Baby Capri Noëlle

Last weekend I hopped on the Amtrack Northbound to visit one of my closest friends, Rachel.  We've been friends since highschool and have remained close ever since.  She recently gave birth to her second little girl, Capri Noëlle (notice the lovely middle name :).  This was my first time meeting the new baby and I spent all weekend with her in my arms.  She's beautiful Rachel, congratulations!