On blogging, or the lack thereof...

So, it's true...

I'm not very good at blogging, especially weddings. And by "good" I mean, I don't update frequently and I take forever to blog a full wedding. I feel this pressure when posting photos of a wedding that the goal is story-telling. It almost becomes more of a slideshow, a chronological approach to documenting the day. If it were up to me (who is it up to, btw?) I'd just post my favorites, in any order. But instead of sharing the images that move me, the ones that give me that quiet excitement in my chest, I end up taking months to post because the pressure of "perfect story-telling" has become the finish line. If photographers really wanted to be great story-tellers, wouldn't video be a better medium anyway?

I read the artist statement of my photo professor at Biola and it resonated with me in my approach to blogging.

"Photography is not good at very many things- it is a poor storyteller if what you want is a didactic or linear narrative. You can read a book for that. Rather, photography is uniquely suited for addressing the 'ever-passing present moment' - which really means it's more akin to poetry. It is good at emphasizing certain notes, tones, elements, and emotions - and lingering on them in time and space long enough to feel awkward, compelled, agitated, soothed, or simply paused... even struck... urged to reconcile with the moment that you are viewing." - Kurt Simonson

I realize this isn't that best business tactic and it's probably on a no-no list for ways to get more followers, nor is it a good tip to share with other photographers, but at the end of the day I have to enjoy what I do and I want to share those things, even if the order is non-sensical and it takes a few more moments to understand what's going on.

As Sam says in Moonrise Kingdom, "Poems don't always have to rhyme, you know. They're just supposed to be creative." With that said, enjoy a few snippets, a poem with no rhymes.

Morten & Tanya. Los Angeles, CA. April 2012

Josham & Ali. Vero Beach, FL. March 2012

Ed & Jesse. Canyon Lake, CA. June 2012

John & Alex. Highland Springs Resort, CA. April 2012.