Starry Night, Starry Kitchen

I know I've been a bit MIA, but rest assured, I have lots to share in the next few weeks!

But today, I was able to attend Creative Mornings and the guest speaker was none other than Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen! If you haven't been to SK and you live in LA - SHAME ON YOU! It's one of our favorite places to eat and my husband, David, even ate there when it was still operating "illegally" back in 2009. The talk today was honest, hilarious, and inspiring with the message essentially being work hard, play hard, take risks, and do what you love. The thing that tied it all together for me as a "creative morning session" was that Nguyen doesn't do things the most conventional way and typically, a more complicated way, but by doing that he's able to connect with more people to build relationships. He loves people and food and has found a way to marry the two in a fun and surprising space, Starry Kitchen.

Back in March, I was scheming up a plan for David's birthday. Since it's our first year of marriage I felt some sort of unspoken added pressure to make it special. It's tough because David can be a bit reserved and doesn't like the spotlight and as an introvert myself, I understand. I thought of doing something just the two of us, but I really wanted others to celebrate with us. I decided we should go to SK with two of our food-loving friends. Then, I got a little creative. I emailed SK and asked if they'd be up for making a special dinner for us. I gave them a budget and said, create whatever you want, I trust you completely! Sure enough, they took on the challenge and made us an amazing feast. David still talks about the pork belly, I rant on about the dessert and our friends always bring up that "subtle, yet full of flavor" soup. I emailed David the day of, telling him to meet me there and that Phil (his boss) said it was okay. Since David works in the film industry he tends to work long hours and I always tease that Phil said he could leave early :)

It was such a special birthday to remember for David and myself. The Kitchen Ninja was amazing, we were in awe each time a new course came out. They even brought in their special Zojirushi rice maker from home just for us! Of course Nguyen took the time to explain the process and ingredients of each dish and made sure we were lovin' it all. Everything was so so so good, I don't know if I've even been that full!

Thanks again to SK for making our night one to remember, we love ya'll, balls and all! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, just go visit SK for yourself!)