Featured ::: 100 Layer Cake, Our Wedding!

I'm so thrilled 100 Layer Cake featured our wedding earlier this week. I had so much fun planning our day, working on all the details and making sure everything was just right. I wish I could plan other weddings too, sorta ;) It's interesting how having my own wedding has changed the dynamic between my relationship with my clients. Sometimes it takes really being able to say "I know how you feel.." to help better connect with my brides. It's changing the way we communicate and also how I shoot at weddings.

There were so many helping hands during the entire process and on the big day. Our friend Angi gave us the gift of gorgeous photos and all of our vendors worked so hard to make sure our vision came together -- and it did!

I think my favorite part of being engaged was seeing and hearing how many people really cared about us and wanted to help in whatever way they could. So, so, so much love was showered on us during our 6 month engagement, it's one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

I have a couple tips for you brides to be :::

1. It's all overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be crazy, mind-boggling overwhelming. Don't be afraid to delegate to others. If you're on a tight budget, stop looking at things you can't afford! There's always another way and it's usually better because it took a little more time, thought, and creativity to come up with. There are so many options, styles, and themes but do your best to narrow it down so everything is coherent. Pick a couple things that are your favorite and build around that. For us it was the color gold, a love for balloons, and simplicity. Also, do your homework and price check. I'm sure my bridesmaids might have thought I was going a little crazy, but hopefully I was manageable and seeing everything come together was well worth it.

2. The simplier, the better. Don't get caught up in complicated processes - - pick and choose your battles. I chose to be complicated with our invitations, but everything else was really simple, although specific. We did our own flowers, centerpieces, and other decor. Most things were DIY which gave me the freedom to decide on how much I wanted to spend. It's easy to get caught up in wedding trends when you're looking at blogs, but ask yourself, will this still be relevant in 20 years or will it just seem silly or frivilous. Beautiful doesn't mean extravagant or hip. 

3. Set priorities & stay organized.  Allow yourself to have a couple big non-negotiables, but for the rest, you have to be a little flexible knowing that not every detail will work out perfectly. For us it was our venue, Hawaiian breakfast meal, and our photographer. Also, we went on a more low-key honeymoon which gave us more room in our wedding day budget. Also, after your wedding day, you are SOOOO tired. Don't plan a trip to a destination that will keep you on the go. You don't want to feel pressured to go see everything, you will want some rest and relaxation. As for organization, keep a folder of all your expenses, receipts, and contact information for each vendor. Also print out photos of your inspiration boards, so when you reference things, such as "gold letters" your vendors will know exactly what you mean. Print off a couple copies to leave with each vendor. This will keep your mind at ease knowing everyone is on board.

4. If possible, get married outdoors or with a venue that allows for a bit of both. This is definitely a personal preference and I realize a lot of indoor venues are gorgeous, but if you want creamy, God-given well-lit photos, outdoors it is! Plus, your guests can feel free to roam, enjoy the scenery and get fresh air. There's just something magical about the outdoors that indoor venues have a difficult time trying to replicate.

5. Last and not least, at the end of the day, it's about marriage, not colors, flowers, or your dress. It's about a celebratory union between you and yours and the merging of families. Don't let the things take precedence over the relationships you are building. As long as you keep that in mind, your day will be filled with joy regardless of any unforeseen hiccups that may occur. It will be wonderful knowing your family and friends are surrounding you in full support as you take your biggest steps yet.