Trials & Triumphs: A Year of Growing Pains

All throughout elementary school, I was the tallest girl in my class. I remember lying in bed wondering why my legs were hurting. My mom told me they were growing pains. Once the 6th grade hit my classmates experienced their own growth spurts, surpassing me for the most part. To this day I remain at the same height that I was in 7th grade, a very intimidating 5' 2".

2012 has been a "growing pains" kind of year. I've experienced heartbreak, doubt and regret. I've also experienced an abundance of grace, reminders of hope and a place in a community.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions but this year I do hope for certain things - to have courage and perseverance to work towards my dreams, to continue to seek truth and spend time with the people and things I value. Above all I hope to love others, especially my sweet husband who has been an example of selflessness to me in all the little and incomprehsible ways. Thank you David, for choosing to spend not just this year, but your life with me.

Happy New Year everyone, may you be blessed with hope, grace and love. Thank you to all of my clients for being part of my dream, wishing you a wonderful year ahead.