Just Some Words

You know that moment when you come to the realization that something's different and it won't ever be the same again? Is there a word for that? Perhaps there's not because it's such a full feeling that can't be explained with something so simple as a single word. A word would be too easy, almost a cop-out from the vulnerability and bravery it takes to face the fear of change and all that it brings.

I was never really one to be scared of change or committment and now that I'm confronted head on with these emotions I feel like I'm in new territory that I haven't a map to. I know this is all vague and the point isn't ambiguity, but to share that sometimes we all need a little pocket of space to catch our breath, validate our feelings (if we're lucky enough to identify them), and count on our friends and loved ones to guide us as we take steps to move on in this newfound land.