Lucky We Live Hawaii

Wait, what? So I may not live in Hawaii anymore and it's really weird to come to terms with the fact that I've lived on the mainland for the past 7 years. It makes me feel old and the feeling is intensified by the fact that my birthday is tomorrow. I'll be a quarter of a century old and the rite of passage of renting a car without the inevitable underage fee is on my side and quite frankly, nothing else except that I am definitely in my mid-twenties. Aside from my ill-placed insecurities of getting older, for those of you who don't know, "lucky we live Hawaii" is a phrase that we say when we see the sunset or the daily dose of rainbows, when we get to swim with honus, where the ocean gives us comfort and the sun gives us life. Though I may not be able to say "lucky we live Hawaii" anymore for now, I am very lucky that I get to visit so often. I'm grateful and humbled that my friends are supporting my craft and hiring me as their wedding photographer.

I was in Hawaii this past weekend for my third wedding this year on Oahu. It's been such a treat and, to be honest, somewhat of a necessity to be able to see my family this much. It's been a difficult year for my family back home and I'm thankful that friends have seen something special enough in my work to fly me out for their biggest day yet.

Here's to Jon & Hope, may you have the best honeymoon in Maui, getting lucky in our beautiful Hawaii ;)