Santa Monica Engagement ::: Tanya + Morten

It's been a pleasure working with Tanya and Morten thus far and I'm so excited for their wedding in just a few short months - it is going to be amazing -  I cannot wait to see how everything comes together. It's been a great experience from the beginning, meeting up at the Alcove for brunch (two of my favorite things) to talk about photos (three of my favorite things), although much of our conversation revolved around our food obsession and my upcoming trip to Austin, where Morten is from and different places to check out in LA.

For their engagement session we went to the Santa Monica Pier, ate some cotton candy, explored under the pier and rode the ferris wheel. I loved watching them interact together through the camera. It's easy to tell how in love they are and how their playfulness "plays" a big role in their relationship. I'm not sure how to explain it exactly, but they felt almost effortless with one another, comfortable. It was a pleasure to be a part of. Much love to you both, can't wait for the big day!