Gina & Charlton ::: Engagement Session

Gina emailed me a few months ago all the way from Texas! She grew up in Orange County but she and her fiance, Charlton, now live in Houston and are getting married in Newport. We decided to shoot in Laguna and visited the church they'll be getting married at in a few short months :) Gina has a grace about her in person that's so beautiful that I think translated quite nicely in the camera --- needless to say, I really loved shooting this couple. I loved their gentle interactions with each other and how they connected with ease. Becky Trejo from Eighty Eighty-Four came and shot along with me, so a couple of the shots below are from her (and she is awesome)! I think it's a nice idea for couples to meet the second shooter prior to the big day if it's possible, the more comfortable, the better. Can't wait for y'alls wedding!