Meet Maps ::: Our very own panda bear

Meet Maps.

Not Max, Mat, or Nap. 

Maps. Because we love em, it fit, and she has little black patterned spots all over.

David and I rescued a pup from the OC Animal Shelter this past week. If you know me even a little, you'll know I LOVE Pandas, so I couldn't resist this little one! I've missed having a dog around ever since I left home to go to school. Last year my childhood dog, Mele, passed away so we knew once we got married we were going to get a pup ASAP, we even went to an animal shelter on our honeymoon - - - yeah, we're THAT couple. She has already learned "sit" and "fetch" and she's learning "stay" as seen in the first photo. I couldn't get over how cute her little bandage was from her blood test at the vet. I'm looking forward to seeing her personality unfold in these next couple weeks and to finally be able to visit all the dog parks and beaches with a dog. I'm also excited to have a new model in the home. I love the light our apartment gets during the day so I'm sure you'll be seeing much more of her this summer :)