Camping ::: Thornhill Broome Beach

David and I went camping with some friends last weekend a little north of Malibu. I've lived in California for 6 years now and I've never been camping in this state. We arrived late, played a risky little game with the severe tire spikes trying to get in after the gate had been locked, shared a tent with four people, I wore a furry snow jacket to bed due to our lack of camping supplies, made s'mores and had a fun time. We even saw some dolphins in the morning - - - it felt good to be near the ocean again.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, be safe and spend time with those you love. I almost got into a really ugly car accident yesterday on my way to work so I'm a bit on the sensitive/sentimental side :) I'm second shooting a wedding for a dear friend of mine today and THEN, hubs and I are preparing our apartment for our newest little member who will be joining us this next week! Can't wait to pick her up from the shelter and pick out all her new puppy things (seriously, I am SO excited :) Lewis will have a camping partner next trip!