Bed Post

This isn't something I'd typically post about but I'm just really excited :)

For those of you who don't know me, I can be am most definitely, picky (I prefer particular), but to sum it up, I pretty much just CARE about everything a little more than the average person, INFJ anyone? Sometimes the hard work of finding that perfect whatever it is, pays off, although usually it doesn't and stress ensues, but this is not one of those stories.

For the past few years I've been sleeping on "the mattress you get in college" (literally, the one they give you freshmen year) and graduated to "the futon your friends mom gives you because they feel bad that you don't have a bed."

Being a newlywed, I knew this would have to change, but not of course without getting a good deal and getting the bed I knew I'd love for years to come. We were married in May and waited until the 4th of July mattress sales to buy a mattress. I'm a sucker for a good deal and need the satisfication of knowing I didn't overpay. Now that we had a mattress all need is a bedframe, easy right??? NO.

There are so many different kinds of beds, who knew? At first I wanted to go the Mad Men route and get a tufted headboard, but decided it was too feminine and wouldn't be as allergy-friendly. Then I thought a salvaged wood bed was they way to go, and then I saw the prices and decided that was not an option, plus we have hard wood floors and it just might be a little too much. Then I saw this beauty on Pinterest, and I knew, this was my, our bed.

I did some digging and apparently this bed is somewhere in Europe and who knows where I could find one similar. I did tons of research looking into wrought iron beds made here in America, reproductions and originals and nothing came close. Most beds were too ornate or the bars were really thick and it gave the bed a different look. Finally, I found a local company in Malibu, only 45 minutes away that restores wrought iron frames. I sent the owner a photo of this bed asking if they had any similar in their inventory. A few days later I received a response that they just picked up a bed in Pittsburg dating back to 1840. Sold!

This bed looked very similar to the one I had sent and it was the lowest priced bed in the inventory (extra points). I was excited but also thought "It looks really rusty.. I'm not sure if my tentanus shots are up to date". I spoke to the owner and he talked me through the entire process of sandblasting, refinishing, painting, distressing and all these other foreign options involving crackling. We decided to paint the bed a smokey grey to match our dresser and added on brass finials like the one in the photo I had originally sent. Basically folks, this is my bedframe dream come true - - - antique, CUSTOM, and affordable. We couldn't be happier. If you'd like something similar, check out Cathouse Antique Beds and ask for Craig, their Facebook page shows many before and after photos. It's pretty fascinating, seeing the twin beds converted to king size beds. I know I must sound like a wrought-iron bedframe nerd but I will sleep soundly tonight, knowing I have our perfect bed, at a great deal of course :)

Sweet dreams all,