Biola's Undergrad Website ::: It's like my first child

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share with ya'll the new Undergrad Website that was launched last week. For those of you who don't know, I work full-time at my alma mater, Biola University as a Graphic Designer. I was fortunate to work on this new campaign with a handful of very talented designers. The Undergrad campaign is revamped every 4-6 years. We worked all year on this new campaign - - it's filled with all things tangible. Almost everything you see is handmade by myself, my co-worker Jeffrey Hiendarto and our Art Director, Jessica Kemp. Most of the photography was done by Laurel Dailey and our student intern Stephen Hernandez. Together we were able to form concepts targeting 17 years olds, yet still maintaining a refined academic image. The website was put together by our Senior Web Designer, Tim Beardshear.

Fun facts about the site:

-Students rotate on the splash page when you "refresh"
-Depending on what time of day you visit the site, the moon/sky changes to reflect the time
-All things paper were 100% handmade (buildings, trees, birds, logo, etc.)

I'll be posting spreads from the actual printed viewbook soon (which features, embossing, foiling, spot gloss, etc.), as well as all our supplemental materials so you can see how images were utilized. If you know of students looking for a great university experience, consider Biola. I had a great 4 years :)