Grizzly Bear ::: at the Hollywood Palladium

Last night we went to see Grizzly Bear at the Palladium after eating at The Waffle (which was pretty tasty - Blueberry Waffle with Lemon Curd, YUM). Instead of reviewing the show, the long long neverending, but good performance I wanted to visit their most recent album Veckatimest's, cover art.

It was created by William J'Obrien who happens to be an amazing fiber artist along with a fellow fiber artist Amelia Bauer who contributed by making the handdrawn type.  Their backgrounds in fiber art and found objects definitely gave this cover a strongly organic feel touching on wood-block printing, without the meticulous perfection needed for a clean, clear print.

P.S. If you're wondering what Veckatimest is ::: it's a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Massachusetts.  Also, you can thank Pitchfork for these facts that added to my day.