They say home is where the heart is, and if that’s the case, my home is never far from this sweet boy. Kekoa is my little brother and was born with severe brain damage which affected every aspect of life. He’s never been able to walk or talk and eat by mouth, but he’s an expert giggler, and can bring a smile to any face burdened with anger and apathy. He shouldn’t have made it through the night, but we just celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Kekoa’s needs has required 24-hour care since birth, one can only pretend to imagine the toll that has taken physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially on our family. Although many doctors have told us to consider putting him in a home, that’s never been an option for us as we believe the care he receives in his own home, is superior to any institution.

Kekoa lives in Hawaii with my mother and a live-in caregiver, and my father lives 30 mines away helping out on weekends. I visit multiple times a year to spend time with him and to alleviate a minuscule amount of pressure and weight that my mother bears on a daily basis. Kekoa has been the strongest source of light in my life, he has brought me the most amount of joy and has given me a compassionate and sensitive heart. He is strong, even his name means “warrior” and he more than anyone has lived up to his name.

10% of all profits, whether it be a print from the shop booking wedding coverage or designing your website is given to my mother for the care of Kekoa.

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