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    Debbie & Raeder ::: "A Hui Ho" Shoot

    Debbie.  I've known Debbie for 5 years now.  We've spent many nights talking, eating asain food, watching movies, working on our senior shows, doing chapel make-ups, and now she is moving back to Taiwan. She wanted to get some pictures with her beau, Raeder before she moves across the seas. They've had a long-distance relationship for a couple years now and are going strong! I wish you the best Debbie as you start your new journey miles away! I'll never forget your laughter and the joy you've brought me -- love you. Happy weekend one and all :) 

    P.S.  "A Hui Ho" is Hawaiian for, "until we meet again" :)


    Poketo ::: Target

    So excited for this! Debuting August 10th!

    Hollywood Bowl & Coconuts by the Road ::: the night of Duos

    We went to the Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday to experience the night of Duos and appropriately it was a double date with our friends Jenna and Brett. Bird and the Bee, She and Him, with headliner The Swell Season entertained our ears while our extra large picnic basket contained goodies from Whole Foods. Who knew our little picnic would cost the same as our four tickets? I suppose it could have been the two bottles of wine we consumed, the two speciality cheeses, the two specialty meats, the six fancy chocolates, the maple almonds... maybe it wasn't such a little picnic after all :)

    P.S. Zooey, you are the cutest, ever, ever.


    Nom Nom List ::: Coral, mustard, and the sea

    Inspired by bloggers such as Oh Joy! with her "lust lists", and MaeMae Paperie, I have created my own list of lusts, but I'd like to call it, the "nom nom" list. You know, the noise that you make when something is too delicious for words and the swooning commences? Yes, "nom, nom." So here's to the first post dedicated to "noms," enjoy the tastes of coral and mustard, combined with patterns and jewels and of course my favorite sea creatures. Happy Weekend! 

    From left to right:::

    Scalloped rug by Angela Adams // Chie Mihara's Omizu in Peach // Striped Pitcher from Anthropologie // Coral hardware knob from Anthropologie // Happy Birthday card by Anna Bond at Rifle // whale illustration //  Anchor necklace from Urban Outfitters // Bedazzled ring by J. Crew.

    P.S. The things I would do for a pair of Chie Mihara's . . .


    Wedding ::: Faith & Jacob

    I met Faith my junior year at Biola when I worked as a photographer for the weekly newspaper, The Chimes. Faith was my Photo Editor, so obviously it was an honor that she would choose me to be her wedding photographer. Faith, you looked incredibly stunning, STUNNING. It was such a sweet moment when I saw you for the first time, I think I actually started to get a bit emotional :)  You were such a beautiful bride.  I wish you and Jacob nothing short of the best.

    P.S. One of my favorite moments was catching the kids sneak out to play outside, oh to be young :)


    4th of July ::: One Year

    July 4th, I claim it as our own, along with bridges, "the weather", rock shrimp tempura, and the fireworks on Glendale Boulevard. 

    All my loves.


    Nurse Emily ::: Senior Portraits

    Meet Emily. 

    She recently graduated from Biola University with a degree in Nursing!  Emily lived next door to me my senior year at Biola.  She wanted her senior pictures to be carefree, casual, and simple. So we decided on the beach. This was actually the first time I've shot on the beach in California. Coming from Hawaii, I've definitely been spoiled in regards to perfect beaches, so I haven't really gone to the beach too much - - - BUT, the weather was sunny, the company was pleasant, and the coffee break wasn't so bad ;) Thank you Emily for a great time and I wish you all the best on your new adventure in Florida!