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    “Visually and conceptually, her work is beautiful and stunning, with a quiet elegance that makes the viewer pause and contemplate.”

    These words of a friend and fellow photographer sum up the intentions behind my work, far better than I ever could. My background in design and fine art is an underlying influence in my work. Understanding the foundations of composition, color, space, texture and light can be the difference between good work and great work. My hope is to share the the quiet moments that move me. The ones that make me hold my breath for a few seconds, the ones that make me feel, think, and then show up in my mind throughout the day.

    I currently live in Los Angeles, CA with my husband David and our sweet pup Maps. I love to travel so don’t let distance discourage you from emailing me! 

    P.S. I also take on a limited amount of design work. If you’re willing to let me go crazy with complicated and fun printing methods with a touch of DIY and creativity, let’s connect. 

    Until then,
    Lehua Noëlle